Get Snatched Body Kit

Enjoy the savings with the "Get Snatched" Body Kit. Great results will follow when used according to directions. Save $40 when you purchase the bundle.'

What you get:

1. Thermo Active Cream

2. Osmotic Waist Wrap

3. "Results" Waist Trainer

4. Firming Cream


1. Thermogenesis heat on the abdomen to burn fat during exercise.

2. Contain heat and burn more fat/calories with Waist Wrap.

3. Waist Trainer targets mid-section fat during a workout to increase the burning of fat cells.

4. Firming Cream contains Collagen and Elastin to firm skin after your workout.

Get all 4 products at 1 Great Price.

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$129.00 $165.00 -22% OFF
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